Showcasing Patch’s medication adherence technology with a new look and website

role: web designer and developer, ui designer

team: andrew aertker, michael bryce

timeline: 16 weeks


How might we visually connect Patch’s technology to the world?


A brand identity used throughout Patch, a new website to connect them with their customers, and a lot of learning.



The right medication at the right time.

Patch Technologies was started in 2017 to address health with technology. Since then, they have evolved and expanded into helping clinical research facilities with patient adherence and helping people remember their medications on a daily basis.

During Summer 2020, they were in the process of launching their brand new mobile app and starting pharmaceutical trials for the PatchCap. They needed a website to show people what Patch is, why it was made, and how it can help change the way we take (or forget to take) medication. I was able to create a new visual identity for Patch and apply that identity to a new website, but I also had the chance and challenge to dabble in some loading animations and some app screens along the way.

Learn more about all that PatchRx is doing and experience the website here.


the work

fun new skills

fun new skills

user research

I got to peer into the worlds of animation and app interface design.

Along the way, I got to take on some fun new projects and dabble in completely new skills. The Patch app was made to be used with or without the PatchCap and helps people keep track of their medications. It needed loading animations for the splash screen and the dashboard, and after after a couple of weeks of watching tutorial videos on .25x speed, I was able to make a colorful loader including the Patch logo and the new brand colors. I also got to learn from and work with the team to design the progress page. We wanted it to be friendly, fun, and most of all, a page that would encourage medication adherence. It includes three streak counters, a weekly calendar, milestone trackers, and a buddy adherence module that allows people to keep track of their friends and family.



So many new things.

This internship challenged me from beginning to end. I was scarily new to everything I created for Patch.

When I started, I had only spent about 10 hours with Webflow. By the end, I had spent 100+ hours learning how to build websites, how to animate for the first time, what Lottie Files was, how to design screens that real people use, and so much more about feedback, collaboration, and hard work. I am so thankful to have had an opportunity to work on so many wonderful things for Patch and can’t wait to see the impact they’ll continue to make.