I am a designer and a friend,

pursuing better relationships through design and research, and making dresses and roasting potatoes along the way. I'm currently learning about myself and others at The University of Texas at Austin, but would be very open to getting hired. Very open.

what I do

what i do


ux research and design

a redesign to welcome users from everywhere

design research

Discovering Design

design research

an exploration of design research methods, college students, and sticky notes

design research


web and ui design

a fresh digital identity and website for the PatchCap and app

ui/ux design



a campaign to show users where ideas can go when given a chance


Mary’s Kitchen

visual design

restaurant branding exploring the intersection of faith and design

visual design


assorted creative goods

a collection of odds and ends, including illustrations, visual design, videos, photos, and more

visual design

what I love

what i love

Getting to know someone,

making my own clothes,

these roasted potatoes,

modern love,

s4 : e1 of chef's table,

walking through hotels,

and celebrating.

Getting to know someone,making my own clothes,these roasted potatoes,my friends,modern love,s4 : e1 of chef's table,the warmth of the holidays,walking through hotels,and celebration!

who I am

who i am

With a background in creative advertising, I have spent some time researching how yogurt, air fresheners, and popcorn can change someone's life. I've learned to use those big ideas for the sake of sales, but in the process, I became a bit more excited to see how I could use those ideas for the sake of people. I've since spent more time talking to strangers than talking about artisanal yogurt, and it's pretty great.

I am currently studying advertising and design strategies at the University of Texas at Austin and plan to graduate in May 2021. I hope to design things that create better experiences and behaviors, and in turn, better relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the world to come.

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